Bookkeeping services

This service includes recording financial transactions, purchases, sales, receipts, and payments within the entity during a defined timeframe, following recognized accounting standards. Additionally, it entails preparing and presenting financial reports to the senior management of the entity.

Analyse the financial situation

Through this service, we provide reports derived from examination of financial data to identify the performance and operational efficiency of the entity, its main sources of cost and revenue, and predict its future. The goal is to enable the entity to make informed decisions.

Cost reduction plans

Through this service, we provide a strategic plan for the entity aimed at enhancing the profitability of its products, services, and reducing costs, to advance the entity’s business and enhance its operational efficiency.

Evaluating regulatory controls

we provide institutions with an overview of their current regulatory procedures governing their operations, along with recommendations to enhance regulatory compliance and mitigate risks that may impact the achievement of the institution’s objectives.

Tax Declarations

Through this service, we handle the submission of tax returns to the relevant authorities on behalf of institutions, after collecting the financial data of the entity.

External audit

We provide an external audit report that includes an unbiased assessment of the entity’s financial statements.

Training courses

We coordinate training courses and workshops for institutions and individuals.

Feasibility Study

A study conducted with the objective of gaining a thorough understanding of all aspects of the project, identifying potential problems or obstacles, assessing expected returns, and considering internal and external factors affecting the project during the implementation plan.