Our team develops and executes restructuring plans and advises on every aspect of the process, from strategic direction, and liquidity management, to business plan development.
Our Restructuring and Turnaround teams provide advice to the primary stakeholders of the Company to help facilitate the turnaround of the performance of our client’s business through the implementation of processes for sustainable strategic, operational, and financial change.
All restructuring/turnarounds require a similar path to success: Assessment, Analysis, Plan Development, and Execution.
Hence, our professional work will include:

  • Development of the Business Plan and Restructuring Concept.
  • Operational restructuring, including cost optimization and cost reduction strategies
  • Liquidity Plan and Management.
  • Cash and Working Capital Management.
  • Process Improvement.
  • Develop/review cost reduction initiatives and execution milestones.
  • Allocation of Resources.
  • Facilitate communications processes
  • Risk Management.
  • Support in turnaround negotiations and coordination of stakeholder groups (creditors, investors, suppliers and customers, employees, general public)
  • Evaluate revenue enhancement opportunities
  • Exit Planning and Implementation.

The result of the restructuring and turnaround process will be the Improvement of the operative performance, securing of liquidity, fast implementation of profitability improvements, and successful strategic market positioning.