Income earned by the resident corporate body inside Qatar is subject to a corporate income tax (CIT). Tax returns shall be submitted within four months from the end of the accounting period.
The profits of companies that are wholly owned by Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nationals, and the share of corporate profits attributable to GCC nationals who are resident in Qatar will remain exempt from Tax. Depending on the criteria set forth by the tax regulations, Companies that are wholly owned by GCC nationals can file:
Corporate Income Tax Returns; or
Simplified Tax Returns.
We will assist you in:

  • The preparation and submission of the annual tax return to the General Tax Authority (GTA) in compliance with Income Tax Law No. 24 of 2018 and its executive regulations.
  • Computation of depreciation expense of property and equipment in accordance with the tax depreciation rate as per Qatar Tax Law.
  • Evaluation and computation of Non-deductible expenses as per Qatar Income Tax Law.
  • Review of any carry-forward losses that can be applied in computing the taxable income.