Business Diagnosis
Business diagnosis is a process of working backward to identify reasons for unsatisfactory performance by making the appropriate links between causes and effects. Thus, it is a process of identifying the symptoms or causes of a problem. As Financial consultants in Qatar, our role is to assess the performance of various SMEs and determine reasons for underperformance. With years of experience in all areas of business management, the consultants at Nagy Hosny & Partners Public Accountants Co can provide professional recommendations that will help sustain operations.
At Nagy Hosny & Partners Public Accountants Co., our roles will be to:

  • Work closely with you to identify the key problem areas of your business
  • Use of high-level diagnostic tools to conduct a review of your overall strategic position and overall performance
  • Provide recommendations on how to reduce the impact of undesirable performance or avoid an undesirable state
  • Assist clients in carrying out implementation plans and improving enterprise capabilities with customized consulting services
  • Offer optimal operational and financial solutions to achieve increased profits through our consultants’ in-depth industry knowledge
  • Review financial statements and analyze business profit or loss as well as diagnose factors that influence profit or loss
  • Assess the ability of companies to achieve their end objectives
  • Assess the ability of managers to plan, execute, and monitor
  • Allocate resources efficiently to achieve profitability
  • Help companies formulate strategies that is line with their end objectives

Significant advantages of using our services are as follows:

Allows companies to keep pace with change
Ensures business improvement
Helps identify key problem areas
Enables companies to achieve their marketing and production objectives
Facilitates positioning of companies with their competitors
Allows maximizations of profits and increase in market share